The Gibraltar Police Authority publishes the following documents each year that can be accessed from this website by clicking on the various headings below.


Annual Report

The Annual Report covers the period 1 April to 31 March. It analyses the extent to which the annual Policing Plan for that year has been fulfilled.


HMIC Reports



Public Consultation Survey

Every year the GPA may publish a questionnaire to poll the views of the public on various matters. These views will form an integral part of the GPA's assessment of the issues that should be included in the Policing Plan.


The Gibraltar Annual Policing Plan

The Annual Policing Plan for the year comes into effect on 1 April and runs until 31 March the following calendar year. Previously, the Policing Plan was drawn up by the Royal Gibraltar Police. The Policing Plan is now the responsibility of the Gibraltar Police Authority.

The Authority prepares the Annual Policing Plan for the year after consulting the Governor, the Chief Minister and the Commissioner of Police. The Plan must have due regard to, and as far as possible accommodate, the priorities of the Governor in those aspects of policing for which he is responsible, and the priorities of the Government in relation to policing as indicated to the Authority by the Chief Minister. The Plan will set targets to support the objectives and priorities of policing for that year.

The views of the public, as expressed to or obtained by the Authority, will also be taken into account when preparing the Annual Policing Plan.

Once the Annual Policing Plan has been approved by the Authority, it is laid before the Gibraltar Parliament by the Chief Minister and it is then published.


Complaints against the Police

The Regulations setting out the new procedures for making complaints against the police were published in the Gibraltar Gazette on 27th March 2008. A pdf copy of these regulations can be viewed by clicking here.


Code of conduct

The code of conduct sets out the standards by which members of the Police Authority are expected to abide and explains how a complaint may be made against a member of the Authority under the code.