The Gibraltar Police Authority was created under Section 48 of the Constitution of Gibraltar. It is a body corporate and its responsibilities and powers are set out in the Police Act 2006, as follows.



Statutory Duties and Responsibilities

1. The following are the statutory responsibilities and powers of the Authority as laid down in Section 5 of the Police Act 2006:-


a. Maintenance of standards, efficiency and effectiveness of the Force:

  1. to secure the maintenance of an efficient and effective police force for Gibraltar within the financial resources available to it and on a value for money basis;

  2. to ensure high standards of integrity, probity and independence of policing in Gibraltar;

  3. to establish, operate and supervise the process for investigating complaints against police officers under the Act;

b. Financial control:

  1. to submit to the Minister for public finance, in accordance with the form, procedures and timetables established by the government generally in relation to the preparation of its budget, an annual bid for the Force;

  2. to ensure value for money in policing.

c. Consultation with the community:

  1. to provide a mechanism for enhanced police accountability through a process of consultation with the community;

  2. to provide information on police issues to the community.


d. Annual policing plan and annual report:

  1. to draw up and publish an Annual Policing Plan in accordance with section 8 of the Act;

  2. to draw up and publish an Annual Report in accordance with section 10 of the Act.

e. Accountability:

  1. to hold the Commissioner to account for matters which are the responsibility of the Authority.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

2. The following are duties and responsibilities laid down in other sections of the Police Act 2006 :-

a. Accountability:

  1. to be accountable to the Governor on policing aspects of national security including internal security (section 12);

  2. to be accountable to the Government for those parts of the Annual Policing Plan which do not relate to national security (section 15).

b. Human Resources:

  1. to determine in consultation with the Commissioner the number and rank structure of the personnel employed by the Force and subject to the approval of the Government (section 30);

  2. to determine in consultation with the Commissioner the number of police cadets to be engaged at any one time and subject to the approval of the Government (section 31);

  3. to advise the Governor on the appointment of the Commissioner and the term of his appointment (section 32);

  4. to retire the Commissioner after consultation with the Governor and the Chief Minister and with the agreement of either of them (section 34);

  5. to consider recommendations from the Commissioner for such appointments, promotions and reductions in ranks and grades in the Force as the Commissioner may think fit (section 35);

  6. to consider the enlistment of Special Constables at the request of the Commissioner and subject to the approval of the Government (section 66).

  7. to consider the establishment of a Police Reserve at the request of the Commissioner and subject to the approval of the Government (section 70).

Responsibility for Policing

Responsibility for policing Gibraltar rests with the Royal Gibraltar Police under the direction of the Commissioner of Police. The Commissioner has operational control for policing and is responsible for meeting the objectives and priorities set out in the Authority's Annual Policing Plan.


Composition of the Gibraltar Police Authority

The Authority has 10 members. The Chairman is appointed by the Governor acting on the advice of the Specified Appointments Commission. One member is appointed by the Governor, one member is appointed by the Chief Minister and the remaining seven members are appointed by the Governor on the advice of the Public Service Commission.

The members of the Authority are as follows :

Dr Joey Britto

Mr Marc Holland (member appointed by the Governor)
Mr Darren Grech (member appointed by the Chief Minister)
Mr Julio Alcantara
Mr Ernest Gomez
Mr Edgar Lavarello
Mr Frank Carreras
Ms Claire Pizzarello
Ms Krystle Robba
Mrs Debbie Garcia

Miss Elka Hanglin
Mrs Grace Raineri


Members work collectively to:

• monitor the policing service
• issue an Annual Report and Annual Policing Plan
• agree the overall Constabulary budget and policing priorities
• monitor complaints against the police; and
• seek the views of local people about the policing of their area.

The Authority is also responsible for appointing the Commissioner of Police and investigating complaints about the personal conduct of any of any Senior Officers...