Gibraltar Police Authority...
...for efficient and effective policing

The Gibraltar Police Authority is an independent body that is responsible for ensuring that the Royal Gibraltar Police operates as efficiently and effectively as possible within available resources; providing information on police issues to the community; operating and supervising a procedure for handling complaints against police officers; and generally for ensuring high standards of policing in Gibraltar.

This website aims to provide you with information about the Gibraltar Police Authority and affords you an opportunity to contact us and to provide us with your feedback, suggestions and ideas.

If there is anything you can't find or need help with, please contact us on 20040918 or email us.

The Gibraltar Police Authority is independent from the Royal Gibraltar Police. If you wish to contact the Royal Gibraltar Police, they can be contacted in any of the following ways:

• Telephone them on:

20072500 (non-emergencies only)
199 or 112 (emergencies only)
155 (Community Crime Line to anonymously report a crime)
20077677 (Drugs Hotline for a drugs related call)