The Gibraltar Police Authority has the obligation to:

  1. provide information on police issues to the community; and
  2. provide a mechanism for enhanced police accountability through a process of consultation with the community.

It is therefore important that the Authority should be able to obtain the views of the community as part of a process of on-going consultation. It is equally important that the public should be informed on police issues.


The Gibraltar Police Authority provides information on police issues in various ways including:-

(a) the GPA website
(b) publication of an annual Policing Plan for Gibraltar
(c) publication of an annual report


This consultation is aimed in particular at ensuring enhanced police accountability. It is carried out in various ways including: -

(a) Surveys: which are conducted to obtain the views and concerns of the public, either generally or on specific issues. You are invited to send the Authority your views through completing an on-line survey form.

(b) Focus groups: Consulting specific sectors of the community such as (but not exclusively) young people, the disabled, the business community, tenants of particular residential areas and senior citizens on specific

(c) Public Meetings: The Authority aims to disseminate information widely and to consult the public as widely as possible in order to meet its statutory responsibilities in this respect.