The Gibraltar Police Authority has today published the results of its Public Consultation Survey 2014-15. The statistical data gathered from this years survey compared with previous years is available.

This year saw a lower number of persons answering the questionnaire with a total of 860 persons completing the questions either online or on the form which was distributed by post and by hand. The GPA would like to take this opportunity to thank all those members of the community who participated in
the survey.

The GPA is pleased to note that 56% of respondents agreed with all the priorities set out in the GPA Annual Policing Plan 2014-15. The supply and misuse of drugs continues to be the most worrying issue for the public with careless and indiscriminate driving ranking second. It is clear from the respondents’ comments that the public wish to see a greater police presence on the streets of Gibraltar. Other comments mentioned a wish to see a more consistent enforcement of traffic laws more emphasis on tackling under age drinking and drug taking by the youth.

It is noted with concern that the GPA survey results shows that the publics’ confidence in the RGP has dropped 15% from the previous year to 53%.

However, the percentage of those who replied that they did not have confidence in the RGP, has dropped 1% from 19% the previous year. There were 29% ‘Don’t Know’ responses. There has also been a drop in those respondents replying that they believe the service by the RGP has improved over the past 12 months with only 31% answering that they believed there has been an improvement. Again it is noted that 50% of respondents replied ‘Don’t know’. When asked for reasons for a lack in confidence in the RGP almost half the comments related to the poor control or enforcement of traffic.

It is interesting to note that generally people’s opinion of the RGP is better than what they perceive others to think.

The Authority will take account of the results of the survey and comments from the questionnaire in drawing up the Gibraltar Policing Plan for 2015-16 due to be set before parliament.