The Gibraltar Police Authority has now published the results of its Public Consultation Survey 2013-14. The statistical data gathered from this years survey compared with previous years is now available.

As with past years responses were high with almost one thousand persons, representing a wide cross section of the community, taking the time to complete the questionnaire either online or by hand.

It is noted that both the public’s overall satisfaction of the service provided by the RGP rose by 7% to 68% as well as confidence in the Police also rising from 60% to 65% both encouraging results for the RGP. The GPA is pleased to note that 70% or respondents agreed with all the priorities set out in plan GPA Annual Policing Plan 2013-14.

The Authority notes with interest that Supply and Misuse of Drug remains the most important issue for the public and that Careless and indiscriminate driving together with Under Age Drinking continue to be matters of prime concern to the community. Although not in the list of concerns the matter of dog fouling and noise pollution was often mentioned in the comment sections.

Respondents also expressed their support and thanks towards the RGP often commenting that although they have noticed an increase in police visibility they would like to see more foot patrols in residential estates especially in the northern district of Gibraltar and at night. The public expressed their continued support for interaction via social media and added the desire for further opportunities to interact face to face with police officers.

Support was also expressed for Operation Roadwatch however respondents expressed their concern for the persistent disregard of traffic laws by motorists including speeding, especially by motorbike riders, and driving while using mobile phones. It is felt that stronger measures should be taken against motorist who break the law and endanger other road users.

The Authority will now take account of the results of the survey and comments from the questionnaire in drawing up the Gibraltar Policing Plan for 2014-15. The GPA would like to take this opportunity to thank all those members of the community who participated in the survey. Your option matters.