Address delivered to the participants by the Chairman, Gibraltar Police Authority, Richard J. M. Garcia, MBE at the Opening Ceremony

I am very pleased that the Commissioner of Police has invited me to say a few words.

You are here today because you have chosen to come. It is a good choice. You are going to have a fantastic day.

Life is all about choices. There are good choices and bad choices.

When you were younger, your parents made all the choices for you. They made wise choices, thinking of what was best for you. Now you are older, you make your own choices, and you need to choose well.

You need to choose: if others ask you to take drugs, to drink and to do things that harm you, you need to have the courage to say NO. If others ask you to take part in healthy activity, like sport, you should say YES.

Today is about sport. Sport is about team-work. The team depends on all its members. You are important to the team. You will be letting the team down if you do not give your best.

You are letting yourselves down, and letting your family down, if you say YES to drugs or to drink. Don’t do it.

I would like to thank the Royal Gibraltar Police for organising this Mini-Olympiad, and I have a special word of thanks for all the police officers who have given up their free time to be here. You will meet many police officers today, and you will learn that they want what is best for the whole community, for you and for your family.

I hope that you and your families enjoy the day.

Let the games begin.