The results of its Public Consultation Survey 2011 have now been published by the Gibraltar Police Authority, and are available here.

2011 saw a new methodology as well as a new format to the questionnaire. The GPA is encouraged by the response as there was an increase in the number of respondents from a well balanced cross section of the public. The GPA would like to take this opportunity to thank all those members of the community who took the time to fill in the questionnaire.

The results show that over 80% of respondents agree with all priorities set out in the 2010-11 Annual Policing Plan. It also shows those respondents who have confidence in the police has risen by 10% and is at a 3-year high. A total of 64% are satisfied with the overall service of the police.

The GPA notes that the highest concern of 45% of respondents (up 6% from 2010) is the supply and misuse of drugs, with careless and indiscriminate driving and underage drinking being the second and third areas of concern.

Additionally tobacco smuggling, noise pollution and dog fouling were issues that were repeatedly troubling to those who responded to the questionnaire. A desire to see more police presence and community policing was also expressed.

The Authority will now take on board the results of the survey and comments from the questionnaire completed by the community in drawing up the Gibraltar Policing Plan for 2012-13.