Supt Edward L. Yome has been appointed Commissioner of Police in succession to Commissioner Louis Wink, and will take up his new appointment in April 2012 when Commissioner Wink retires.

The appointment has been made by the Governor, who acts on the advice of the Gibraltar Police Authority, which is the new procedure set out in the Police Act 2006. The Police Authority carried out an independent, thorough and wide-ranging selection procedure in which, amongst other things, the candidates were asked to submit evidence that they possess the technical and professional competences required of a Commissioner of Police; they were asked to deliver a presentation to the Authority on their vision for the RGP for the next five years and the priorities for policing that each would set; and they were interviewed and quizzed in detail by the Authority on many aspects including in particular community engagement, enforcement, the forging and nurturing of partnerships, focusing of manpower resources, and IT and human resources management.

The Authority also took into account all the information on the candidates at its disposal. This included the assessment of the candidates by Commissioner Wink and the assessment of the UK National Policing Improvement Agency following the candidates' completion of the police Strategic Command Course.

"This is the first time that the selection of a Commissioner of Police has been made in this way, following a selection procedure devised and implemented by a board of persons appointed under the Police Act," commented Richard Garcia, Chairman of the Police Authority. "The members of the Authority gave generously of their time to carry out the necessary wide-ranging assessment and comprehensive analysis of the candidates. The Authority considered that the candidates were of a high calibre, and wishes to thank them all for the thoroughness with which they prepared for the selection process and for their detailed applications, their presentations and performance at interview."

Following the advice of the Authority, Supt Yome's warrant of appointment as Commissioner of Police will be for 5 years.

His Excellency the Governor has informed the Authority that he will hand Supt Yome his warrant of appointment in person.