The Commissioner of Police, Mr Louis Wink CPM Dip Crim (Cambs), retires in April 2012. Under the new Constitution and the Police Act 2006, it is the responsibility of the Gibraltar Police Authority to advise the Governor on the appointment of a new Commissioner.

The selection process for the new Commissioner has already begun. Applications were invited by the Authority from officers in the RGP who have successfully completed a Strategic Command Course. This course is normally undertaken by Police Superintendents in the RGP.

Candidates have been asked to demonstrate to the Authority that they possess the core competences of a Commissioner of Police. In addition they have been required to submit a paper setting out their vision for the RGP for the next 5 years in the light of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the RGP; their assessment of the main issues affecting the RGP and an action plan to address them; and to indicate how the applicant intends to interact with the Authority in taking forward the RGP.

In addition, the Authority will have before it the assessment of each of the candidates by the UK National Policing Improvement Agency following the completion of the Strategic Command Course and the assessment of the Commissioner of Police.

Each of the candidates will make a presentation to the Authority on the changes that the candidate would wish to see in the RGP going forward and the priorities that would be set on taking up the appointment, if successful. Finally, each candidate will be interviewed in depth by the Authority.

The Authority's advice will then be tendered to the Governor, who may disregard that advice only where he judges that it would prejudice Her Majesty's service.

"This is the first time that the selection procedure for the appointment of a Commissioner of Police will be conducted by the Police Authority", said Chairman Richard Garcia. "It marks a further step in our development and demonstrates our maturity as a community. The Authority is independent and is indeed charged with ensuring the independence of policing in Gibraltar. The selection process is wide-ranging and rigorous so that the appropriate advice for the appointment of a new Commissioner can be tendered to the Governor."

An announcement regarding the new Commissioner will be made after the Governor has made the appointment.