Thank you to RGP for organising the event and inviting an opening address from the GPA.
Chairman, GPA: Authority was first appointed in 2007, following New Constitution.

  • Secure the maintenance of an efficient and effective police force for Gibraltar;
  • Ensure high standards of integrity, probity and independence of policing in Gibraltar;
  • Hold the Commissioner of Police to account for matters which are the responsibility of the Authority;
  • Enhanced public accountability through a process of consultation with the community.

GPA supports and endorses initiative of RGP in organising the Mini Olympiad Aimed at youth having fun, positive channel for energy.
Young people are our future – but also potentially vulnerable, including from peer pressure from other young people.
Today's positive messages are two:

  • On the theme of drug awareness and tobacco and alcohol abuse: SAY NO
  • The Police should not be looked on in just a negative light: stopping us from doing what we should not do. They also have a positive community role.

GPA applauds both these positive messages.
Let the games and the fun begin.