The Gibraltar Police Authority issued the following press release:

The Gibraltar Police Authority notes with deep satisfaction the exemplary performance of the Royal Gibraltar Police in its policing on the occasion of the sullage plant fire last week.

The aspect in particular on which the Authority would like to comment relates to the delivery of the Annual Policing Plan. One of the measures contained in the Plan relates to what are termed "Protective Services", i.e. areas which include counter terrorism, serious crime, critical incidents, civil contingencies and public order. The events last week put the RGP to the test in its handling of a critical incident and a civil contingency. The RGP rose to the challenge and did so in a manner that deservedly attracted the highest praise from the community. The Force proved that it could handle a very difficult situation and take the operational lead in addressing a civil contingency. The credit for this must go to the Force as a whole, under its senior managers headed by the Commissioner of Police.

The Authority would like to single out and praise the heroism of PC Mackintosh, in saving the life of two workers, and in so doing placing his own life at risk.

The RGP has once again demonstrated the high standards to which it operates, and in so doing has brought further credit on itself. The Authority is proud of the performance of the RGP in respect of its handling of the serious incident last week.