The Gibraltar Police Authority held an awareness morning outside the Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned on Saturday 7th May. Members of the GPA were at hand to answer any questions, listen to any concerns and to distribute information to the general public.

Copies of the recently published Policing Plan 2011-2012, produced by the GPA after consultation with the RGP and the community at large, was distributed. The Policing Plan incorporates valuable feedback that the Authority obtained from its annual consultation exercise at the end of last year, when questionnaires were sent to every household. The public now have a say on how they wish to be policed, something that did not happen before the Authority was created. The Policing Plan determines the priorities for the RGP and sets targets and objectives. In this way, the RGP's efficiency and effectiveness can be tested and monitored.

In addition, copies of the HMIC report on the RGP was available to the public. This report was commissioned by the Authority from the Inspectorate, so that an independent professional view of the Police could be obtained. The recommendations of the HMIC report are included in the Policing Plan.