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The results of its Public Consultation Survey 2010 have now been published by the Gibraltar Police Authority, and are available from the website

The results show that over 50% of respondents are satisfied and have confidence in the overall service of the RGP. Results also show that over 70% of respondents agree with all the priorities set out in the 2009-10 Annual Policing Plan that was prepared by the Police Authority.

The survey results follow the conclusion of the recent HMIC report that "Gibraltar continues to be a safe place for people to live and work".

The Authority will now take on board the results of the survey and comments from the questionnaire completed by the community, together with the HMIC report, in drawing up the 2011-12 Policing Plan of Gibraltar.

The Authority would like to thank all members of the community who took the time to fill in the questionnaire. All comments are valued and given due consideration.