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The Gibraltar Police Authority held an awareness morning outside their premises at Casemates Square on Saturday 3rd July between 10.30 and 13:00 hrs. The members of the GPA were on hand to answer any questions, listen to any concerns and to distribute information to the general public.

The Authority launched a leaflet that it has printed highlighting the role of the GPA within the community entitled, ‘10 Things You need to know about your Authority.’ It also launched a pocket sized information booklet called ‘Stop and Search’ advising the public of their rights if they are stopped and searched by the Royal Gibraltar Police.

Copies of the recently published Policing Plan 2010-2011, produced by the GPA after consultation with the RGP and the community at large, were also handed out to the public.

The GPA invited all members of the community to come down and to meet the members of the Authority.

“One of the duties with which the Police Authority is charged is to provide information on police issues to the community,” said a spokesperson for the Authority. “This is precisely what the Authority wishes to do on Saturday, both through engaging with members of the public, and through distributing – as in the past – copies of the Policing Plan and now, for the first time, through special leaflets that have been prepared by the Authority.”

“Furthermore, the Authority takes to heart the dictum of Margaret Mead, who wrote: ‘Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.’ The Authority therefore looks forward to engaging with the public and to receiving their feedback on issues that are within the Authority’s remit.”